Have a friend stuck now and I’ve been there many times so if you’re stuck too, this may give some perspective.

Life seems to be a series of getting stuck, getting unstuck, moving forward, and backward then getting stuck again.

It seems it’s just part of the deal.

We seem to get stuck in jobs, relationships, projects, goals, etc., as a result.

Does it suck?


What’s going on here??

Well, it’s not helping that we are creatures of habit constantly seeking comfort.

When we feel entitled to life being any other way than what it is, we suffer and tend to get stuck even more.

Suffering sucks because it’s not needed but it seems we do “suffering” as if it will somehow magically create something needed to move forward. This has never once worked for me!

if you’re stuck, know this, we all get stuck, it’s not wrong, you’re not bad and you will get better over time at getting unstuck.

Also, the more we do “stuckness” the stronger the entanglement becomes so it’s key to do something else when you find yourself doubling down.

If you’re feeling stuck, MOVE. Go for a run, do jump jacks, play some music, and dance!


Because it massages our energy which helps loosen the “stuckness”. Which in turn helps us see clearer.

Physical activity is scientifically proven to remove brain fog and give us some much needed emotional renewal.

After a good dance, walk, run, etc., the answers we seek may be right in front of us.

Don’t isolate!

You’re not alone.

We all have problems.

You can overcome anything, over time.

Isolation is “stuckness’s incubator” so be careful.

How many “friends” do you have on Facebook? text a few for a zoom or Skype call.

You would be amazed at how insightful and powerful it is to hear yourself talk when someone else is listening. For me, I get to hear how irrational I can be, LOL!


This one helps me a lot.

My journal is password protected and encrypted because I’d never ever want anyone to know how truly crazy I am.

The main point is, getting stuck is part of the deal and the goal is to not take it personally and to dance with it, instead of being victimized by it.


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