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Recommended Reading

I wrote this one.
Our fear feels real but it's not.
Learn how to drive fear so it stops driving you.

First book I read on healing and wish Louise was my mom!
Read this to heal your heart. 

Build your life on these four Agreements so you can self actualize at lightning speed.

Great book to really understand why we play the victim, the persecutor and the rescuer. It also provides powerful replacement roles.

Best book I ever read on how to really listen which turns us into amazing communicators. 

Best book I've ever read on being a strong, centered, and purpose driven man while deeply understanding the female mind.

One of the root causes for why people suffer is because of their attachments to harsh judgments towards themselves and others. This book has the best tool to detach from anything that's robbing us of our joy and peace.

I have read 100s of “self help” books throughout my life but none compare to this one. Just wish I read it in my 20s. 

Having coached children and parents for decades, this is the best book on parenting I've ever read.

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