Lots of people thinking about divorce, changing jobs, etc., during these challenging times.

The pandemic has also knocked me out while turning my entire world upside down here in Japan.

My lizard brain (the part that once engaged just wants to run, fight, or freeze while all the intelligent parts temporally shut down) decided it may be a good time to have a huge shift and based on its past decisions, things have always gotten worse.

Paused and waited for my prefrontal cortex to come back online, which took a long time!

Once I was calm, I ran some thoughts through my own mind and what came up was interesting.

If I were to make any big changes now, I’d go within first and ask some key questions…

Am I easy to be around?

If I were to make a change, will the next situation welcome me with open arms?

If I’m not happy where I am, maybe others feel the same way about me and why is that?

What am I avoiding taking responsibility for?

What are some points about myself that may need to mature and evolve so I don’t just end up recreating this current situation somewhere else or with someone else?

Will I be leaving people, places, and things better off than how I found them? If not, why not?

If I were to be super honest and nonjudgmental with myself, what role have I played in creating this situation that I now want to get away from? And, what is it really trying to teach me?

Where is the blessing in all this?

Life is far from easy but ignorance is the worst.

No matter how thin the bread gets sliced, there are always two sides and what I’ve noticed is, we tend to only want to see one side.

Here’s what I know to be true most of the time, geographical cures never work. Why? Well, no matter where we go, there we are.

Sometimes what we all could really use is to hit the reset button via a crazy run or a hot bath.

We can even hit the reset button by cleaning out our home and letting go of old stuff we don’t use anymore. For a bonus, we could say while cleaning up, I’m letting go of this and thanking it for its service.

Or we can even hit the reset button by saying, I’m sorry, I’m a bit off, give me a minute or two to pull things together.

Hitting the reset button tends to give us fresh perspectives which in most cases when wanting a big change, is very much needed.

In most cases, we’re just after a feeling.

The problem is, we are notoriously terrible at identifying the feeling and even worse at creating it. Having said this, if we find the feeling we want to feel and get it by going within, we could avoid a whole lot of heartache that comes with big changes.


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