What if there was just one thing that if you understood and controlled, would turn you into a superhuman?

Would you want that?

One thing that would give you more control over your life than anything else ever has? 

Of course! Right?

Surely you’d want to know!

Okay, I’m going to give it to you.

It’s easy, simple and the acquisition of it is totally in your hands starting today with zero investment of your hard-earned money.

If you were to ask me what was one of, if not the biggest lesson I got from the decades of doing self-help work, I would say the following…

We are, at our core, highly irrational.

We make decisions in life that make no sense what-so-ever and then we justify those choices with a logical narrative and in most cases, it’s highly intelligent and convincing but untrue.

Marketers know this about us humans and it’s why they speak to our irrational desirers such as, wanting something for nothing then give us a logical story to justify the irrational decision we’re about to make.

Here’s the real mind-bender, the above happens in a nanosecond, subconsciously.

This may explain why many feel they’re being held hostage to their emotions in life.

At best, we are 1% faintly aware of this process running in the undercurrent.

So we’re screwed, right? Not necessarily, let me explain a workaround.

I found that the goal of increasing the 1% awareness level is the starting point of taking back our power.

One of the best ways to increase our awareness which increases our personal power is to become a non-judgmental observer of our irrationality as it plays out.

Most will run from it, bury it, lie that it’s not true., but this just strengthens it. We are not going to do any of that.

Find yourself stuffing your pie-hole with junk food while feeling bad about something knowing you value health? Watch the whole process and be super curious.

Once you get good at watching yourself watch the irrational patterns play out without hiding it, judging it, etc., your awareness will start to expand. Now you can move on to sitting.

Sitting for 15 to 20 minutes a day and just watching the irrational thoughts come and go will expand our awareness too and it happens fast.

Once the awareness is expanded, our power to act on or not act on our irrationality has increased.

Once we have this power, we get closer to point our life in the direction that serves us, others, and the greater good.

There will be no more “snapping” at people or ourselves.

There will be no more resistance when others disagree.

No more desperately needing the approval of others!

When you decide to work out, you’ll just do it instead of dealing with irrational resistance.

This can also cure “emotional eating”.

The irrational decisions followed by days, weeks, months, years, or even decades of regret, will be a part of the past.

But wait, what if you don’t have the willpower to sit and watch those thoughts come and go?

No problem!

Do you wash dishes? Clean your home? Go fishing? Perfect time to watch those thoughts come and go.

But know this, what makes this work so beautifully is to be curious as a child with zero judgment for what you see and do not entertain any of the thoughts that arise.

You’re going to look at them like clouds and what do clouds do? They come and go.

Soon, when you get triggered in life as we all do because this for sure is not going away, the time between acting on it will expand.

Within this new time, our prefrontal cortex comes back online and can decide calmly what is the best action to take, if any.

Another thing we can do is have a rule, when we get triggered which we are hardwired to do, we count to three. Why is because when we get triggered, our prefrontal cortex shuts down and we become highly irrational. Counting to 3 brings the prefrontal cortex back online and now we are firing on all cylinders, again.

There are countless activities we can do to increase our awareness which in turn increases our personal power.

And because you are a creative and resourceful human-being, I bet you can come up with a handful of awareness increasing activities to test and try.

I’ll leave you with a final insight that I learned after decades of working with people that want change.

We humans are amazing and most often than not, just increasing our awareness triggers something within to self-correct. It truly is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in life. A bit counterintuitive but never the less happens.


Craig Desorcy is a successful personal and professional strategic results life coach. See what others are saying about Craig by Clicking Here.