Letting go of our family car today. Before I let it go, I wrote in the engine compartment a little note.

And here I say, Thank you so much for taking care of my family and me for all these years! We love you and deeply appreciate the safety and convenience you gave us. 🙏🏻

I wanted to share some thoughts on letting go with you today.

If you’ve not read the book yet, “Letting Go” by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. , it’s a must-read if you don’t want to suffer in life. I recommend it to everyone I work with.

Because at our core we hate to lose, give up, give in, etc., we miss all the gold to be had in letting go.

Getting good at letting go is for sure a priceless life skill worth cultivating. It’s also counter-intuitive which makes it feel unnatural to do but doing it and getting good at it, over time, helps us evolve to higher levels of fulfillment that this human experience has to offer.

It opens us up to a whole new world for sure. A world of possibilities, prosperity, and fluidity in our movements.

It’s been said, we can’t avoid pain but suffering is an option. The suffering part is because we don’t let go.

I’d like to share some reframes with you just in case you want to, need to, or it’s just time to start cleaning up, and letting go.

Letting go creates space for something new and better to come into our life.

Letting go of a toxic way we’ve been maybe interacting with a family member opens space for love to get in, heal, and help us self-correct.

Letting go is sending a message to the world that we’re not into suffering.

Letting go is a “gain” not a “lose”. Where’s the gain? Look for it. It’s for sure there.

Sometimes to really love someone at the highest level is to let them go.

Letting go can be a form of gratitude and closure.

Never let go from a place or anger, pain or hurt.

If you do, we tend to recreate those situations again because we did not get the lessons nor were we grateful for the experience. There are always exceptions but you understand this message.

Practicing letting go

Someone came to my home and I wanted to give them a pack of meat as a gift. I opened the freezer and naturally grabbed a small pack but then I thought, hey, here is a chance to practice letting go and not be coming from a place of lack… I swapped the small pack with the biggest one, put it in a bag, and never said a word.

What can you let go of today from a healthy space?

Thank you shirt, for your service, I have not used you for two years and it’s such a waste. I will donate you today and may you bring warmth and style to a new soul needing you more than I.

I’m letting go of holding so tightly on to things from a place of fear so I can open to new things wanting to come in and serve me at a higher level!

Today I will let go of resentment and anger towards others and myself. This will open my heart up to healing, warmth, and new love.

In the end, we’re going to have to let go of the ultimate… Our life. So, letting go of whatever else before that should be easy and a practice, this way when that time does come, we just exhale with peace and gratitude and lean into wherever it’s going to take us.


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