Just Be Yourself?

If you’ve been around the self-help community, you’ve heard it a million times… “Just be yourself.” It’s as if doing so will make all our worries go away, attract the dream job, manifest a heartfelt soulmate, etc. Brene Brown calls being yourself, “being authentic.” She seems to be the authenticity guru. I’m not taking anything away from her nor am I going to knock her. She’s doing some very needed work in the world and helping thousands if not millions of people. My issue is, what if we don’t like our “authentic self”? When I made the transition to becoming


Self-Care With A Wet Shave?

While researching how to sharpen my knives, I came across the world of straight razors. From there I followed the trail and ended up in a subculture of men going “all in”. From guys making videos on how to properly give yourself a wet shave to others doing product reviews… the rabbit hole goes deep. So I decided to give it a go. After a few weeks, there is no returning to a rushed, cheap shave. Besides getting an extremely close shave which all men enjoy, I found the whole process very meditative and a way to do something special



Doing some research online and keep coming across the word “triggered” being used. She “triggered me!”. He, it, etc., “triggered me!”. It seems like it’s being used as a convenient way to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s feelings. I get it. Uncomfortable feelings are hard to deal with. I get triggered all the time. But I would never be caught blaming anyone for whatever I feel. This is a practice. As Jim Rohn said, “There is a reason grade-school chairs are so small. So big people like us can’t fit in them”. Blaming may bring some temporary relief but


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