Ever get stuck and in need of a solution? I sure have and most of the people I work with, run into the same issue.

Most of the time we want one thing to do that will fix whatever is going on. This approach becomes worse than the situation we are facing. I’ll explain.

When we’re stuck, pressure builds. As this pressure keeps stacking within, the need to find that one magic bullet to fix our issue becomes even greater.

As we feel even more pressure we become less resourceful and get even more desperate to find that one thing to get us unstuck (out of pain).
This seems to be a common pattern we humans run when we are faced with a problem or feel stuck. As this pattern runs, it drives us deeper into pain and stuckness.

When you find yourself doing this, stop, take a step back and say, “isn’t this interesting!”. This will bring back some sanity to the situation and loosen the grip that this pattern has over you.

Now it’s time to get resourceful because looking for one thing to fix whatever is going on is not a resourceful approach. It’s a desperate one and nothing good usually comes out of desperation.

How can one become resourceful?

Start by saying something like, “I’ve been through worse, this will be resolved soon, all is well, etc.,”.

Being resourceful is fueled by hope and certainty. Whatever you have to say to feel hopeful and certain, say it.

Once you are chilled and detached from the need to find that one thing, write down 20 to 30 possible solutions to this issue of yours and make sure to not filter or you will end up looping again in the above pattern we talked about.

As you write out possible solutions you should notice how hopeful and in control you start to feel. You got this.

The real benefit of writing down 20 to 30 ideas is, it activates resources within that sit most of the time dormant or blinding by limited possibilities.

When finished, get up and have some tea while saying to yourself something that keeps that hope and certainty going…

All is well, everyone gets a little stuck from time to time, I am going to be fine, etc.

Now, pick three of your best ideas and apply them in the physical world with the mindset of, this is only an experiment that may not work and the outcomes will give me the feedback I need, to adjust my approach.

There is no loosing… you have a win or learn.

I hope the next time you run that “I need a magic bullet” pattern, this post comes to mind so you don’t stay stuck.

Here’s an insight worth sharing…

Every time I work with someone that is stuck and looking for a magic bullet to solve a problem, the problem they think they have is not really the core problem. So when you are faced with an issue that is pressuring you to find a magic bullet, ask, “What’s really going on here?”. Sometimes nothing major needs to happen more than just being at ease with what’s really going on.


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