Doing some research online and keep coming across the word “triggered” being used.triggered

She “triggered me!”.

He, it, etc., “triggered me!”.

It seems like it’s being used as a convenient way to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s feelings. I get it. Uncomfortable feelings are hard to deal with.

I get triggered all the time. But I would never be caught blaming anyone for whatever I feel. This is a practice.

As Jim Rohn said, “There is a reason grade-school chairs are so small. So big people like us can’t fit in them”.

Blaming may bring some temporary relief but the danger is if done often, over time, it becomes a habit. Now when one sets out to do something, dabbling will be the norm with a backup plan to blame when things don’t work out. Scary way to live a life.

I guess worth mentioning, blaming is a knee-jerk reaction. It follows a trigger and happens so fast, it can trick us into running with it. The trick here is not to be tricked.


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