Self-Care With A Wet Shave?

While researching how to sharpen my knives, I came across the world of straight razors. From there I followed the trailtraditional-wet-shaving and ended up in a subculture of men going “all in”. From guys making videos on how to properly give yourself a wet shave to others doing product reviews… the rabbit hole goes deep.

So I decided to give it a go. After a few weeks, there is no returning to a rushed, cheap shave.

Besides getting an extremely close shave which all men enjoy, I found the whole process very meditative and a way to do something special for myself without spending a fortune (however, you can spend a few hundred dollars within the wet shave world). I really look forward to having a wet shave now.

Here’s a “how-to wet shave video”

This is something men can do for themselves that screams “self-care”. Treat yourself good, chances are you’ll treat others good too. Do this and you start a very positive interaction with the world that pays huge dividends.

Doing something good for ourselves is super important for many reasons and a big one is, it counters the self-abuse. Self-abuse like the shitty things we say to ourselves. Things like “I’m not good enough to deserve, fill in the blank.”

If you’re anything like me, you didn’t grow up with a father. As a result, people like us tend to be hard on ourselves and we didn’t have a man to teach us manly things. We may even feel, “manly” is not a good thing.

At some point, no matter what went on in our family we need to take the parenting steering wheel over and parent ourselves. Parenting ourselves may be to teach ourselves manly things or cultivate a positive, supportive, compassionate non-judgmental voice in our heads that leads us. Not sure about you but for me, I gave up blaming my parents for who I’ve become years ago and just started parenting myself. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Is wet shaving that deep?

I think it can be. For me, it has had a profound effect on how I feel about myself. Think about it, you spend around 70 dollars to get started. That’s for a razor, some soap, a brush and a few razor blades. The whole process has specific steps to which all support a clean refreshing shave. All of this is just for you! No one else. It’s a form of pampering. For me, I was not loved or taken care of growing up so this process was a game changer. And the soaps for a wet shave smell absolutely amazing!

Become Less Needy?

When we take very good care of our needs, we become less needy. When we’re less needy, it’s hard for someone to let us down or take advantage of us because, at the end of the day, we know how to take care of ourselves. This is one of those lessons fathers need to teach their sons. I had to figure this out on my own.

You don’t need to start wet shaving. You can do other things to get the same effect. For example, if you’re into books, buy a good one, sit in a relaxing place with a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy every word you read without having a little voice in your head telling you this is a waste of time, you should be doing something more productive, etc.

If you’re going to start wet shaving, I have a few tips.

1. Get yourself a good safety razor.
after much research, I ended up with a “Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor 34C” which is only 37 dollars. It will come with one razor blade. Ebay, Amazon, etc., will have it.
I’ve ordered lots of wet shave products from west coast shaving. If you’re in the USA, deliveries seem to be free.

2. Soap
I bought everything, lol. But you don’t have to if it does not become your thing and money is tight. You can start off with a ten dollar bowl of “Proraso Shaving Soap Green Tea & Oat 150 ml”. This soap is easy to lather, super good for sensitive skin and smells amazing! But the shave soap rabbit hole is deep! Check out all the different types here. Make a point to read the reviews.

3. Brush
Your brush is what you use to create a lather with your soap. I have three types and what I found works best for a good price is what’s called a “Synthetic Shaving Brush”. Go for the 22mm because I found 24 and 26mm to be too big. The specs are “RazoRock KEYHOLE Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush – 22mm”. Click here to view all types of wet shave brushes.

4. Any soup bowl you have in your home will serve to whip up your shaving cream.

5. Weather the storm of cutting up your face.
Watch shave videos. There are tons of them and learning how to shave properly will prevent unwanted cuts but you will get them when starting out. It’s just a sign you’re not good at wet shaving… yet. It’s not a sign to give up.

I could go on but I’ll leave it for now.

Wet shaving can be a great inexpensive luxury, that has huge benefits for our self-worth, self-esteem and well being.



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