When Self-Help No Longer Helps

Do you like self-help books? I sure do.

Today I want to share something I went through with self-help that almost turned into self-destruction.selfhelp

I would get up with the intention to workout and then write for two hours as an example.

Instead of sticking to the plan, I checked my email and quickly noticed my favorite self-help teacher updated his Youtube feed with a brand new video. So I clicked on it and watched the whole thing.

When the video ended, I noticed to the right a list of related videos with very compelling titles. So I clicked on one of them. Three hours later it’s now time for lunch.

After eating lunch I felt a little tired so walked the dogs. When I returned I sat at my computer and noticed I never finished the last self-help video so clicked play.

Four hours later it’s time for dinner?! As I got up to cook something I noticed a note, that said today’s date and titled “Do List”. The first two items at the top of the list, workout and write some for the new book.

What the hell is going on?

I figure there’s a part of my brain that thinks if it watches videos or reads self-help books it’s progressing. Then I realized what I was really doing.

Ever sit down to do something important but realize you need to clean the kitchen?

I’ve basically been cleaning my kitchen and tricking myself into believing my time was being well spent.

How clever we humans think we are, hahaha.

So, self-help stuff goes on the tired list now.

The tired list is full of things to do when tired. Things that take zero mental energy. I’m a morning person so my tired list is done at night.

When I slip into the old pattern, I do not beat the crap out of myself. I just get back on track. As a side, beating oneself up is also a convenient distraction like cleaning the kitchen.

Replace the word “Self-Help” with video games, snacks, or whatever the vice is, we are all running procrastination patterns on some level. Some of us are just more creative with the camouflage.



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