The Secret

If you visit my Facebook page you’ll notice a lack of politics, party talk, etc. It’s not that I am against that stuff, I’m not. I just tend to share onresponsibility Facebook stuff I think about, that’s all.

Something that is always bouncing around in my mind is “what is the one thing that if done would end suffering?”

I have the cure. raw personal self-reliance. Taking personal responsibility for every feeling we feel and for all outcomes our actions or inactions create.

Many people seem to want to plug their umbilical cord into something or someone else and hope things work out. Or win the lottery. Yes, even I have had these desires.

Many people I’ve worked with at their core was not taking personal responsibility for their lot in life. It seems like all I really do is trick them into taking responsibility.

No more blaming, shaming, crying about how mommy or daddy did this or that, just raw ownership of all the good, bad, right, wrong or indifferent will work wonders.

Why do so many of us resist being self-reliant, taking responsibility and creating a great life for ourselves? I could write a whole book to answer this question but the short of it is, it’s easy not to do. It’s easy to deflect, blame, hide, and in some cases, these reactions seem to be our hardwired default responses.

People get married and have a secret intent that the other will pull the weight for both. Recipe for divorce down the road.

Some go into business with others harboring a secret intent that their partner will pull most of the weight and soon the business partnership is dissolved.

I try my best to follow Jim Rohn’s advice on this topic. “I will take care of me, for you if you will take care of you, for me. ” This presupposes I am fully responsible for me.

When things are getting shitty, my go to “question” is, what am I not taking responsibility for in this situation? The question has really made a big difference in my life and cuts through all the BS.



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