What’s up with all the shaming going on in the world?

I have some thoughts…

Shaming is the fastest way to get a hit of significance. Significance along with love are one of the most powerful forces that drive human behavior. 

With shaming these days for significance, there’s no need to earn it from hard work and contribution to one’s life or the life of others. Just log in to Twitter or Facebook and go after whoever you want in complete anonymity and never be held accountable.

Shaming is our lower self’s dream drug for getting its needs met instantaneously. However, this activity awakens a dark part of us that has an insatiable appetite and is never satisfied.

Some may shame others as a way to bring temporary relief from all the internal pressure built up because of their own private self-shaming habits. There are other dark reasons besides seeking significance.

The feeling may be good for a second or two, but it’s a dirty burn. it’s also highly addictive. Yuk!

Personally, If I have time to play the shame game, I have time to work on my health, wealth, and relationships. 

Here’s what I learned about shaming others based on doing it myself, the after-burn not only feels nasty, I tend to be very harsh with Craig. The less I shame and judge others, the easier I am on me. This is a huge insight here. 

“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”
― Oscar Wilde

I know how painful it is to be shamed and for me, it’s just as painful to shame others. I’d rather not dance that dance for the short time I have left on this spinning rock.

There’s a shaming and judging strategy in all of us ready to run to meet our needs. We do however have a choice to run them or choose to act from a healthier place after we get triggered.

It takes practice to control what follows after getting triggered so if you’ve been playing the shaming game to the point to where it feels natural and automatic, it’s going to take some mindfulness work consistently over time, to start showing up differently.

I believe it is our duty to keep evolving and working on ourselves because this is how we leave this world better off than when we found it and enjoy our time here.



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