Judge Frank Caprio

Do you remember the post I made about my friend Sam Sciabarrasi from Kingston pizza? He’s someone I wanted to write about because what he represents is worth modeling. Stay in your lane, do hard work over long periods of time, serve others, etc.

Today I want to share with you someone else that had a huge impact on me. His name is Judge Frank Caprio.Judge Frank Caprio See video below.

I met Mr. Caprio through his son’s David and John. But we never really talked, just eye contact. That was the first time I felt the presence of a real man.

Growing up without a dad, I was always searching for a reference to what a real man looked like.

I met a lot of gangsters, pretenders, boys acting like men but felt I never really met a real man and had a deep desire to meet one so I could become one. When I met Judge Caprio something within said “You found it. This is it”.

I recently found a bunch of Judge Caprio’s videos and the one below stood out for many reasons. The first reason is the man being judged is someone I grew up around and has spent his whole life in jail. That could have easily been me.

The man doing the judging is the man I held in my mind for what a real man is.

Real man? Yes, I know this is subjective and left wide open for interpretation.

For me, it’s someone who is powerful but directs it to serve his family and the greater good. Someone who is fair, intelligent, heartfelt, honest, hard working, centered, and peaceful.

Judge Caprio is the real deal and I am so happy I had the honor of meeting him.

Meeting him and his sons opened up a much bigger game to be played in life other than the “poor me, I am a loser” game.

Here’s the video of Judge Frank Caprio and the man I grew up around.



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