Mid life crisis in males

Are you in your late 30’s, early 40’s? mid-life-crisis

Did you go through or are going through a “mid life crisis”?

Have you noticed your muscles deteriorating?

Wife not looking at you with a twinkle in her eye anymore?

Feel like buying a sports car?

Lost your job? Lost a business?

Getting fat just looking at food?

Trying to hide the man boobs?

Big fat stomach magically appeared?

Brain fog having it’s way with your day?

You are not alone nor are you going crazy. Look into “what to expect in your 40’s”. Specifically the part about low testosterone. low testosterone is no joke for us men.

Mid life crisis is just a “life stage”. Just like puberty was.

If you are going through this life stage, whatever you are feeling is nothing to be ashamed about or hide from.

Here’s what I do to stay out of the stuck feeling of this life stage.

These are not maybes for me, or good ideas, the following are musts.

1. Diet

Because food is fuel, I can’t mess with pizza, pasta or anything else that moves through my body like glue.

I eat clean raw vegetables daily. These foods move easily through my body and gives me a very clean, long lasting burn of energy. I may slip in a cheat day from time to time but there is a big price to pay for doing so.

No salt or sugar has improved my health a lot.

Avoid the three whites. Sugar, flour and salt.

Lots of water and green drinks with no sugar.

Multi vitamins and hemp protein powder.

I also practice intermediate fasting. For me, I only eat from 11 am to 7 pm. Doing this gives the digestive system time to rest and recover.

2. Physical

Walk a minimum of an hour a day.

Lift weights. This part is really important.

Our muscles are being eaten and we need them to support our body. Without them, our bones will weaken.

I have a weight set and bench in the middle of the living room and use them often.

3. Mental

I stuff my mind with self-help audio programs, books and videos on keeping my mind positive and moving forward.

Mental Perception
I don’t like looking at a mid life crisis as a “crisis”. It’s just a life stage. Calling it a life stage reframes the meaning which takes away all the intense emotions linked to the word “crisis”. I’d much rather be going through a “life stage” than a “crisis”.

4. Business

Stay in contribution / value creation and exchange it for money. As men, we need to work and contribute. It not only makes us feel of value, it also keeps the machine greased (green paper grease).

If you have lots of money, get out and contribute to stay out of your head and make life about something bigger than you. You could start a charity, visit sick children, feed the homeless, etc.

If you are stuck, reach out and talk to someone. Join an online group of men who support each other through this life stage.

Put your pride aside because you are not alone, what you are going through is common and you can transcend this life stage because it’s not permanent.

We can age well or become bitter and angry. The choice is always ours.



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