Imposed limitations

When one of my dogs was a newborn, the owner would put him in a box then leave him alone outside for 10 to 24 hours at a time.

Pay 3k for a puppy and leave it in the cold, in a box, all alone?

One of the results of this abuse is, my dog hates being alone.

Also when a new box enters the house he frantically rushes to jump into it and once in, looks so happy, safe and content. No matter what the size he goes for it. Actually, the smaller and more confined it is the better.

dog in a box

We have an amazing amount of comfortable places for our dogs to relax but for the older one, he always goes for the box.

Some of us fight to get back into the little box someone else trained us to be in. It’s okay to create a bigger box or forget about any limitations our parents imposed on us with their boxes.

As adults, we can create our own boxes and live life based on our own design or we can keep running automated patterns that control how we live whether they serve us or not. The choice is truly ours once we become aware/wakeup.

Here is a video talking on this. Scroll to the end to see my dog in his box.