Daily gratitude practice

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have gratefuleven more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

By now, we all know we get more of what we focus on. We don’t really have a choice in the matter thanks to our RAS – reticular activating system.

Basically when we focus on something our RAS locks on to it and makes it bigger. The RAS’s job is to turn away other incoming information and give energy to what we focus on. Think of it as the computer in a heat seeking missal that is programed to guide the missal to its target.

If we have a daily gratitude practice to where all we do is focus on everything we are grateful for, we will see more of it around us. This is a recipe for good sleep, inner peace and happiness.

Ever hear “energy flows where focus goes,”?

Being grateful is also a great way to avoid the “Entitlement Trap”. The Entitlement trap is feeling like someone owes us. It’s easy to slip into a feeling of entitlement and it’s not a healthy state for us or the people around us.

Being grateful is also a good way to stay out of victimville.

Victimville is the town where no one grows beyond their negative thoughts of others or about themselves.

Daily gratitude practice ideas

1. Sticky notes
Post sticky notes around the house in places you tend to go often. On the notes write one word you are grateful for. An example could be “Mom”.

When you look at the note contrast it. An example would be, I am grateful for my mom because some people don’t have a mom. What comes after “because” is the contrast. Without it, it’s less powerful.

Move the notes around the house and rewrite them is a good idea because of what’s called “ad blindness” or “the law of familiarity”. Basically the more we see something the less we tend to give it our attention. Ever take a love one for granted? Now you know why.

2. Journal
Keeping a journal is such a great practice because it helps us gain new prospectives which keeps us less locked into one way of thinking. Try writing a list of 10 things you’re grateful for along with anything else you would like to journal about.

3. Grateful game
With children, friends and family ask “What are you grateful for? I like asking easy questions,”.

You add the part of “I like asking easy questions” because in the human mind when asked a question it always asks why. Giving that part of the brain what it wants will most often get the asked question answered with ease.

Then ask them, to ask you.

A couple of times back and forth should do the trick.

4. Sticky notes in the car
if you drive often, having sticky notes with your one word that represents what you are grateful for is not a bad idea unless they’re in the way of you focusing on driving.

5. Brushing Your Teeth
As you brush, you can look at yourself and say silently what you are grateful for about you, and your surroundings.

What I’ve found with practicing being grateful daily is after a while, I don’t need to do it consciously because it turns into a mental habit. How I know this is I tend to naturally be grateful as I go throughout my days more than before.

Random gratitude practice

Having a hard time getting into action on a project, write a few notes on all the things you’re grateful for. This should get you write into action.

Not getting along so well with someone you care about, send them a note letting them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

What to take this idea of gratitude to a whole new level?

Be grateful for all the bad things you had to go through. This is a game changer in the area of personal growth. Not an easy task but worth doing it until.

Some things I am grateful for…

It’s at our finger tips with the internet. Grateful because I can remember a time when one would have to go to the library for knowledge.

Hot clean water
How wonderful it feels to take a hot bath or shower doesn’t it? Some people in the world still have no hot water and what they do have is not very clean.

As I age, I am more and more grateful for my good health. As a result, I tend to look for ways to get even more of it.

Super grateful I have clients that trust me enough to exchange value with me on a daily bases. Without them, I could not have the life style I have.

Health Insurance
Whenever I need to visit a doctor I am very grateful to have health insurance because there was a time when I didn’t.

I could go on but how about you? What are you grateful for? And as you think about it, how does it make you feel?



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