Bitching and complaining never did anything for me other than make me right and the world wrong.complaing and explaining

That is a recipe for failure and a one way ticket to Loserville. I know, I’ve been there and done that.

Henry Ford was right when he said never complain nor explain.

Never complain because it’s a form of giving your power away and staying “right” even when we’re wrong.

Never explain for me means no blaming, shaming or justifying one’s results – good, bad, right, wrong or indifferent. Results are just that, results.

Sometimes having a friend that will listen to what’s bothering us is a good thing because we need to process our stress. But to live in it day in and day out? No thanks. Been there… no fun.

The danger in voicing complaints over time is, it ingrains a record in our head and nervous system with a message that we are powerless and others can hurt us.

Now take this record and play it over and over. After a while it becomes a controlling pattern in one’s life.

Now go and try to do something to improve your life. You are going to experience a shitload of resistance and when you feel it, what will you do? Blame others because that’s the automatic game running under the hood.

Still want to complain and explain? I sure don’t and when I catch myself doing it, I say “thank you for sharing” which is the cue for it stops here right now. If I let it escalate, I am screwed.


Go on a “thank you for sharing” 3 day diet. As soon as complaining or explaining comes up, thank it and move on. if you stew, start over. This will help you live more in the now and move towards what you want in the near future. You’ll also be more fun to be around 🙂


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