Chronic State of Fear?

I miss a lot of things from back home (USA) but a big thing I do not miss at all, is the chronic state of fear being peddled by the media and fearmarketers trying to sell us drugs to deal with the fear.

“Do you feel fearful in crowds? It’s not your fault. This may be due to a chemical imbalance and there is hope. Call now 1-800-GET-OUT-OF-PAIN-NOW for a free evaluation.” Hahaha! Really?

My family and I once took a trip back home and decided to watch some TV. Nightmare!!

The news announcer said as a matter of fact with not much feeling, “Clear weather ahead”. What followed was disturbing. With lots of enthusiasm and intrigue in his voice, he said “Stay tuned! Breaking News! A thirteen year old was beaten and raped by three 14 year old boys! Full coverage when we return,”.

There is a saying in the news industry, “if it bleeds it leads”. Why is that? It’s because we humans want to feel safe and have a need to know about the danger happening around us.

Problem is, as the media keeps spiking our amygdala brain (the part of our brain that when triggered wants to fight, run or freeze which is also known as the lizard brain), there is a very good chance we can get locked into a feeling of always being on the edge. Always feeling scared. Always feeling anxious.

Once locked into a chronic state of anxiousness, of course we will respond to the drug dealers. Of course we will overeat, drink, smoke, etc.

Society is laying the foundation for keeping us locked into a chronic state of anxiousness. Is this a conspiracy? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s just a part of our DNA. It’s what we do.

I’m writing a book now called “Starve Your Fear”, in it there will be a part called “The Fear Diet”.

The fear diet is about getting rid of anything that spikes our amygdala. Things such as TV, video games, gossip, print news, etc. Don’t worry, if something big happens, you’ll know.

As we wean ourselves off the stuff that pushes our fear button we will return back to a peaceful, curious, and creative state which is much more rewarding than being on alert 24/7.

In the beginning this will be hard if we are addicted to that chronic state of anxiousness. This state will also poison us. I’ll explain…

When the amygdala is activated it releases toxic chemicals into our nervous system. It’s like nitro fuel and is only supposed to be used for a very short run/burst of action.

Having that fuel running through our blood 24/7 is a recipe for wanting to take drugs, over eat, not trust others, not trust ourselves, do the bare minimum in life, etc.

It’s time to take back our power friends.

It’s time to create the life we want to live.

It’s time to say yes to life and no to the fear pimps and hustlers.



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