Hello, I am Anxiety

This is the first time we’ve formerly met. anxiety

I felt it was time because you’ve misunderstood me for long enough.

I am not your enemy and my wish is: after you read this letter you’ll stop treating me like one.

I’m built into every human being that has ever lived and believe it or not, I’m your servant.

I’m a friend with a very important job. When allowed to do my job, we grow, stay safe, and evolve as one.

When I’m not allowed to do my job I get very frustrated and tend to force you to listen to my guidance which most of the time you don’t. Instead you shame me for feeling, drug me, try to drown me with drink and shut me up temporarily with food.

All this has to stop today or I will drive us both crazy and we’ll continue to suffer until death. I know you well enough to know this is not what you want so please read the following and reread it until you change how you perceive and treat me.

Like a small child without the ability to communicate articulately with words, I have only one way to get your attention. I do this with a feeling. You choose to call it anxiety thus my name is that.

Because most people are trained not to feel much, we don’t work well together.

Let’s fix that today.

But first let me tell you where I come from.

In your brain (the oldest part) is something called the amygdala. Among other functions this is the part of your brain that plays a major role in emotional reactions. This is also the part of your brain known as the reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain reacts with fight or flight responses. It’s also the part of your brain that kept you from being eaten by dinosaurs millions of years ago.

When your amygdala feels a threat it releases chemicals into your body that puts you on alert and makes you hyper focused. (Research this stuff about your brain. It’s fascinating.)

After the chemicals are released they pump the body up and super charge it with fuel (toxic fuel) to temporarily run or fight if it has too. When you do not fight or run, what you feel next is me – anxiety.

Please stop freaking out when I show up or better yet, just understand the part of your brain that is causing you to freakout is outdated and only useful in highly dangerous situations. You can thank it for sharing which is a good way to calm it down. You can also let it know there are no more dinosaurs hunting us.

All our relationship issues (you and I) come from you not letting me, be me.

A huge part of me being me is feeling. I need to feel. If you make be wrong or bad for doing what comes natural I can’t fully be me.

You have to let me feel, even if it’s not the most physically comfortable experience for you. If you drug me instead with food, drink or drugs, it’s like drugging a baby for showing discomfort. You wouldn’t do that would you?

When you don’t let me feel I become strong and powerful. But not in a good way and once I reach my full power I will own your day. This is not good for us so as soon as I feel you must be okay with it.

Better yet, I need you to tell me I’m safe. You do this by staying relaxed and noticing where you feel me in your body. Let me feel and just hold my hand so to speak. If you can do this, I can move to the next stage which is to teach you something.

And please, whatever you do, stop watching TV ads that want to sell you drugs to shut me up. They don’t work and lots of people are getting rich saying they do. I’m telling you everything you need to know today so please just listen to me.

Next I want you to listen to me.

After I’m allowed to just feel what I want next is to teach you something but you’ll have to listen with no emotion attached.

What I tell you will depend on the current situation we’re in.

What I have to say most of the time are some of the following messages:

You are safe.

You think you are not enough to handle this current situation but you are.

No dinosaur is going to eat you when you stand up to do public speaking even if you’re body is freaking out. Your nervous system just hasn’t been trained yet by practice until it’s used to it.

You need to study more.

You are thinking too much about you.

You are spending too much time paying attention to your amygdala’s message of fear and lack.

You are not taking an active role in your own evolution.

You are stuck in fear and need to move on.

You need an outside perspective.

You need to make a decision now.

Some examples

Have you ever entered a social situation and felt me (anxiety)? It’s because I want you to focus on others and interact. Sometimes I pop in to show you; you are focused too much on you.

If you feel me often in social situations and the feeling is getting stronger, it’s because I want you to educate your self on how to be more social and you haven’t done so yet. You need to read up on the subject and evolve.

If you let life evolve you it’s going to be more painful than if you step up and evolve yourself. My main job is to play a major role in our evolution as a team.

How about shopping in a big mall full of people you’ve never met? Big scary people! Once you see them your amygdala freaks out and thinks one of those big people is going to try to have sex with you, eat you or beat you up! Then I come and feel this. Next I have a message that says “we have laws in place to protect you. We are safe. You are smart and can go about your business without being harmed.”

I am your friend.

Accept me, let me feel and let me teach you.

If you feel me and think I am saying something negative that will go against us evolving, you got me all wrong.

Please, let’s work together from now on. We do this for us and for the greater good.

Thank you for reading.

In friendship,




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