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Ever ask, why am I not as successful as I’d like to be? I sure have. more

Don’t get me wrong, based on where I came from, I’m a rock star. But, after taking a personal inventory, I could be doing much better.

So I wrote below the answers to the question “why am I not as successful as I’d like to be?”

Didn’t have rich parents.

Don’t have a bunch of books published.

No one is promoting me.

Because I am a welfare child with a mentally ill mother that abused me and my siblings.

Because my dad was an illiterate alcoholic who abandoned us.

Because I am not as smart, hardworking, connected as the big dogs are.

Notice what is going on with everything I wrote? It’s all about me.

It’s all about lack.

It’s all about me not being enough.

It’s all about the past as if the past equals the future.

It’s all about comparing.

Here’s what i know, getting is about giving.

It’s about others.

Getting lost in service is the way to go.

Selling a 30 minute coaching call? Give them an hour and a half. Wow them. Make them just have to tell others about you.

Work a job? Be the first one there and the last one to leave. This will build character that can be sold to the next job.

Work that job as if you are the owner with zero attachment to getting anything more from them.

“But Craig, you don’t understand, this job really sucks and they don’t deserve my over-delivering!”

Yes, I understand your feeling and do it anyway. Do it for you. Do it for your sanity. Do it as an investment in your character and future.

We have to get out of our head and stop with the taking, getting and hiding mentality.

We need to stop letting the media jail us into the mindset of there is not enough, we are not enough and be free from fear.

The fear promoting makes us hide. The hiding keeps us stuck in scarcity mode. This has us feeling like we are not enough. Once in this position it’s easy to be sold products and services we didn’t even need to fill a hole that was never even there. This is a nightmare.

If one wants more, one has to create value. Massive amounts of value. And the secret is to not expect a return right away. This approach will have you showing up and coming from a place of abundance.

No one wants to help or support someone that is in scarcity mode but people love to help others who come from a place of abundance.

Ever notice someone at the top gets all kinds of deals? All kinds of support? It’s because for years or even decades they created massive amounts of value. They kept their head down and focused on service. Can’t do this when it’s all about us.

Some useful questions to ask daily

Who can I serve?

What can I create that will help others?

Who needs my support?

How can I over deliver in everything I do?

How can I leave people, places and things better off than when I found them?



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