Secret Intents

For most of my life like you, I’ve been working with people. Most of these people have all been in heartrelationships.

Out of all the relationship problems I’ve seen, I’d say most of them could have been prevented if each person took responsibility for their own happiness and well being, and were 100% self reliant.

Saying “You Complete Me” is like saying I was not enough until I met you. Big problem, what happens when that person moves on or is just not there for whatever reason?

It seems people are showing up in relationships harboring a secret intent (or more than one), consciously or subconsciously. Which is, “I hope this person can blah, blah, so I don’t have to blah, blah. Example…

I hope this guy/girl becomes super successful financially so I don’t have to figure the money game out on my own.

Big problem, what if they don’t? In most cases there’s going to be resentment and lots of passive-aggressive behavior going on. This is what happens when one practices conditional love.

At 48 years old, I’d suggest younger folks learn how to become complete first. Now when you show up in a relationship, you don’t “need” anyone in an unhealthy way. When one shows up like this, lots of love can be shared… unconditional love.



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