Just Joking?

One of the things I love about Japan is people don’t have a laugh at your expense. japanDoing so is a form of disrespect.

Respect here is highly regarded. Not because of your status, it’s because you are another human being.

Back home having a laugh at someone else’s expense seems to be the norm.

“Wow, have another piece of cake fatty… Just joking.”

Really? A joke? When do I laugh?

To me a joke is when two people can have a laugh and it’s not at the expense of one or the other.

The “just joking” part is a real poor excuse for getting a hit of significance at the expense of another.

Letting people have a laugh at your expense can easily escalate into them going even further. Watch out. There are people in this world that will suck you dry if you let them. And usually it’s the same people that take a shot at you and end with “Just Joking”.

“Oh Craig, you’re just too sensitive,” one may say. Maybe so, but letting someone have a laugh at the expense of another leaves one feeling bad.

I like a win/win situation.

This is a good lesson for children to learn because some feel they need to put up with this crap in order to have friends. (some adults too)

I will tell you this, all the kids that did this to me growing up are now junkies,in jail, dead or still feeding off the souls of others. Basically, they’re the real losers.



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