Greg Made It Happen!

Had lunch recently with my friend Greg. greg

Greg is a real cool guy. Unlike me, he’s well rounded… plays in a band, has a couple of kids that totally rock, and is one smart dude. He can write his ass off too.

7 or 8 years ago I introduced him to how to earn money on the internet. I taught him how to turn what he likes to do into money online. He’s totally self employed now. He did the work.

As we ate lunch we talked about why some make it in life and others don’t. I said something that made Greg stop and say “you should write that down”.

I said something like “Only when people stand up in the world naked and alone to do the work will life reveal the secrets to success that only they can see, feel, and hear.

Execution is where it’s at.

I have friends that wish they could meet some famous person as if that’s the ticket… “The pass the work card”. This only leads to being taken advantage of based on what I’ve seen over the years.

I know others that wish someone would just “put them on”. This too will lead to disappointment.

Then there are the ones that get lost in study which only leads to a “know it all but do nothing” reality.

I know about this stuff because I’ve dabbled in all of the failing mindsets personally.

After all the game playing, studying, guru worshiping, lottery ticket dreaming, wishing someone would just come along and fix things, the work is still there waiting.

This is a struggle for most. That’s if they have a desire for more in life.

There is no getting around doing the work.

Doing the work forces one to face reality. Not how it could be, should be, will be, but how it is right now. It’s a chance to face what comes up and keep adjusting until, or an excuse to retreat into old limiting thoughts. The choice is always ours.

If you really desire for more in life, just do the work. It’s not easy. Easy is not a true friend… The work is.



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