I grew up where being a millionaire was something to work towards.

Go make it, then buy a lifestyle.

At my age, I suggest there are other reasons to get good at earning money when you’re young.

The big reason is, there will be people around you that you love, and they will be getting old and sick. Some of these people are going to need support financially.

There is nothing more painful then, having a problem that money can fix but you can’t because you don’t have enough to spare.

Money is good. Getting it means you traded some value in the marketplace for it. That’s all.

Not getting enough? A good question to ask is, where can I create more value and exchange it for money?

Avoid anything that presupposes easy, turnkey, with a click of the mouse, etc. These offers speak to the lower self that wants something for nothing and lives in a wishful lalaland.

How can I get the money? This question is not a very good question because it presupposes you will not be giving much.

Where can I create value and exchange it for money? This is the winning question to ask.

Here is an amazing idea for coming up with ideas.
Write it 50 times.

Take the question, where can I trade value and exchange for money?
Now write 50 ideas. No filtering, judging, etc. Just force yourself to write 50 ideas.

This is an amazing activity because it forces your brain to avoid one track thinking. One track thinking is like, I need money so I get a job.

After you dump your 50 ideas, there will just have to be two of them that are amazing. Now apply them today.

Expect failure but swap the word “failure” with feedback needed to adjust your approach until you get the results you’re after. Most will just give up. No, no, no, most never try enough to know if it’s time to give up.

The 50 idealist works for everything… health, wealth, and relationships.

Have a published book?
Write a list of 50 for the question, who leads tribes of people that would get a lot of value from my book, and how can I create some value for them?

How can my outcome become inevitable and an emergent of my value creation? This is a good one 🙂

Most people just don’t know how to ask high-quality questions. Getting good asking them will serve us well.


Craig Desorcy is a successful personal and professional strategic results life coach. See what others are saying about Craig by Clicking Here.