James Kelso

Give someone a chance, you never know how they may turn out.

When I was eighteen or nineteen, I started cleaning cars as a business (Auto Detailing).

My friend Natalie designed the T-Shirts.

My little start-up was called “Fresh And Clean”.

That’s not all Natalie did for me back in the day. At the time, she even took me to a bank to try to get a loan for the business. Love you Nat!

There was a well to do man by the name of James M. Kelso. He drove an amazing luxury car. I remember meeting him in passing and he said “Come clean my car sometime”. He gave me a shot as we say back home.

I called James “Jimmy”. Jimmy had a heart of gold. I knew that he knew, I was an uneducated street kid that would probably end up not doing much in life. I still remember today what that felt like.

Jimmy introduced me to other luxury car owners and the business started rolling in. He also made sure I came by often to clean his car which I felt it was more about letting me earn some money than him getting his car cleaned.

The people I remember most on my way up were the people that practiced love, tolerance, compassion, and generosity.

Jimmy passed away during my time in Hawaii (20 years ago). Sure wish I could talk with Jimmy now and thank him for “giving me a shot”.

R.I.P. James M. Kelso. Your support was (and still is) very much appreciated.



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