Communications Secret

Here’s one of the key distinctions I’ve noticed when in communications. procrastinationinsights2

If the other person listening, reading or watching has the slightest scent we are trying to be “right” they will be forced to make you wrong. This goes on subconsciously.

Something within tells them “if you’re right, they could be wrong” and this is in most cases, the start of resistance.

Making people wrong is the fastest way to break rapport within communications.

When we are made wrong, we tend to get locked into the fight or flight response.

The human ego is a powerful force to dance with and will never accept being “wrong”.
So the trick is, avoid being “right”.

This can easily be done with some pre-framing.

I could be off base and here is what I am seeing….

People tend to… Not sure but it may be worth thinking about.

Based on where I am sitting currently, it looks like… What do you think?

I have a few ideas to add to the pot, shall I share?

That’s an interesting perspective. Never really gave it much thought. I’m going to ponder it for a few days. Something that does come to mind is….

The fact is, everyone is right based on the lens they view the world from. Respect the lens and enjoy communicating 🙂



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