Thoughts On Work

Was talking with a friend today about doing work. We talked about how lots of folks are not avoiding the work contrary to what some may say. They are avoiding doing it badly and hanging in there until they start to do it better. If you hang in there, you will have a breakthrough and that’s the reward for doing the work. I have mastered a craft in the last 20 years. If you were to watch me work, you would say something like “He makes it seem so easy!” Here’s the truth, when I started, I was so scared


Sam Sciabarrasi

As I get ready to enter 2017, toughness is on my mind. Another word could be resilience. In 2016 I had many clients that said they were tough and resilient but the results proved different. No judgment here, I have my own issues. Recently an old and very dear friend of mine started posting on Facebook. If you want an example of tough and resilient, check out Sam Sciabarrasi. Sam planted his flag in the Pizza Business 30+ years ago and kept at it. Along the way, he got married and built a beautiful family of six children. Sam’s little


Communications Secret

Here’s one of the key distinctions I’ve noticed when in communications. If the other person listening, reading or watching has the slightest scent we are trying to be “right” they will be forced to make you wrong. This goes on subconsciously. Something within tells them “if you’re right, they could be wrong” and this is in most cases, the start of resistance. Making people wrong is the fastest way to break rapport within communications. When we are made wrong, we tend to get locked into the fight or flight response. The human ego is a powerful force to dance with


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