Taking The High Road

When we start to take the high road in life, there may be some opposition. Maybe even from the people, you care about deeply. This is natural and there may be a feeling in the gut that says “retreat!”. If you made a commitment to taking the high road, it not only serves you, it serves everyone around you and the greater good. There must not be any long term retreating in order to get the benefits that will emerge from your commitment. So how do you deal with the opposition? My suggestion is to first understand it so you


Judge Frank Caprio

Do you remember the post I made about my friend Sam Sciabarrasi from Kingston pizza? He’s someone I wanted to write about because what he represents is worth modeling. Stay in your lane, do hard work over long periods of time, serve others, etc. Today I want to share with you someone else that had a huge impact on me. His name is Judge Frank Caprio. See video below. I met Mr. Caprio through his son’s David and John. But we never really talked, just eye contact. That was the first time I felt the presence of a real man.



What’s up with all the shaming going on in the world? I have some thoughts… Shaming is the fastest way to get a hit of significance. Significance along with love are one of the most powerful forces that drive human behavior. 

 With shaming these days for significance, there’s no need to earn it from hard work and contribution to one’s life or the life of others. Just log in to Twitter or Facebook and go after whoever you want in complete anonymity and never be held accountable. Shaming is our lower self’s dream drug for getting its needs met