Let’s Talk Money

I grew up in a time to where being a millionaire was something to work towards. Go make it, then buy a lifestyle. At my age, I suggest there are other reasons to get good at earning money when you’re young. The big reason is, there will be people around you that you love, and they will be getting old and sick. Some of these people are going to need support financially. There is nothing more painful then, having a problem that money can fix but you can’t because you don’t have enough to spare. Money is good. Getting it


Be Your Own Hero

When talking with clients I make it a point to say something like, thank the powers to be, this conversation is not about me because my issues make yours look like child’s play. This always gets a good laugh then we get cracking into what’s really going on with them that’s in the way of getting their outcomes. I say this for many reasons and a big one is, the last thing I want is to be is the “hero” in the conversation. I’ll explain. Here’s what I learned about making others our heroes. We idolize them. We give our


We Are Not Broken

Imagine you have the most expensive camera in the world and it’s one of a kind. There is only one and you own it! This camera can never be broken. What determines what the camera will see? The lens you are thinking, and you’re right. We are that camera! Our lens, however, was not put on us by choice. It was constructed by our culture, upbringing, past trauma, etc. The day we wake up is when we learn we can change the lens and see the same world from a different perspective. Different perspectives turn us into highly resourceful humans.


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