Doing some research online and keep coming across the word “triggered” being used. She “triggered me!”. He, it, etc., “triggered me!”. It seems like it’s being used as a convenient way to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s feelings. I get it. Uncomfortable feelings are hard to deal with. I get triggered all the time. But I would never be caught blaming anyone for whatever I feel. This is a practice. As Jim Rohn said, “There is a reason grade-school chairs are so small. So big people like us can’t fit in them”. Blaming may bring some temporary relief but


Getting Unstuck

Ever get stuck and in need of a solution? I sure have and most of the people I work with, run into the same issue. Most of the time we want one thing to do that will fix whatever is going on. This approach becomes worse than the situation we are facing. I’ll explain. When we’re stuck, pressure builds. As this pressure keeps stacking within, the need to find that one magic bullet to fix our issue becomes even greater. As we feel even more pressure we become less resourceful and get even more desperate to find that one thing


Problems vs Puzzles

I don’t have any problems, I have puzzles” – Quincy Jones That is one great reframe. Problems presuppose stuckness. Puzzles presuppose what? Fun? Moving parts? Just a matter of time? Sounds like looking at the situation as a puzzle triggers us to be more resourceful. When we talk in terms of problems, the problem tends to convince ourselves that we are stuck and not resourceful. When I work with others, I never look at their problems as something solid that is cemented in place. I do see them as a puzzle, then start to compartmentalize the parts that make up


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