Mindfulness is the ability and practice of watching your self think, act and feel from the perspective of an observer. An observer that has no judgement. Just a curious part of you sitting back watching everything play out like a TV show and you’re not in it. Easier said than done but worth the effort. Why would you want to do that? Good question, let’s look at some of the benefits… Detachment Based on what I know about us humans, suffering comes from being attached to thoughts. An example of this could be one having a thought of a traumatic


James Kelso

Give someone a chance, you never know how they may turn out. When I was eighteen or nineteen, I started cleaning cars as a business (Auto Detailing). My friend Natalie designed the T-Shirts. My little start-up was called “Fresh And Clean”. That’s not all Natalie did for me back in the day. At the time, she even took me to a bank to try to get a loan for the business. Love you Nat! There was a well to do man by the name of James M. Kelso. He drove an amazing luxury car. I remember meeting him in passing and


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