Poison In The Home

Would you let a stranger into your home and let it stand in the living room doing the following things… Makes you feel scared. Fools you into feeling like you are not enough. Tricks you into feeling you can’t be happy unless you buy things you can’t afford to impress people you’ve never met. Programs you that “feeling” is a bad thing and needs to be drugged. Hypnotizes you into believing the world is not a safe place. Keeps you on edge and in a state of constant nervousness. Shows you millions of images of “beautiful people” and making it


How We Get Stuck

I’ve been doing my new year breakthrough coaching calls and it is amazing how many people struggle with the same stuff… including me. Most people I talk with are stuck. I specialize in getting them unstuck. We breakthrough whatever it is that has them held back, slowed down, or stopped from getting what they really want. A big trigger that starts the chain reaction of “stuckness” is comparing oneself to others. When is comparing oneself to others a good thing? When one is looking for someone to model. When is comparing oneself to another, a bad thing? When we look


Picking Sides

Recently I posted a tribute video on Youtube for Dr. Wayne Dyer. He passed away last year. When I was just a lost young guy with no hope for the future harboring a deep constant feeling of despair, a friend gave me a tape of Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Wayne Dyer talked about how we have choices in life. He talked about how I was raised and how it does not matter, I too could turn things around. He gave me hope. It felt like he was speaking to me. Decades later, I sit here knowing Dr. Wayne Dyer was


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