Getting More

Ever ask, why am I not as successful as I’d like to be? I sure have. Don’t get me wrong, based on where I came from, I’m a rock star. But, after taking a personal inventory, I could be doing much better. So I wrote below the answers to the question “why am I not as successful as I’d like to be?”

 Didn’t have rich parents. Don’t have a bunch of books published. No one is promoting me. Because I am a welfare child with a mentally ill mother that abused me and my siblings. Because my dad was an


Secret Intents

For most of my life like you, I’ve been working with people. Most of these people have all been in relationships. Out of all the relationship problems I’ve seen, I’d say most of them could have been prevented if each person took responsibility for their own happiness and well being, and were 100% self reliant. Saying “You Complete Me” is like saying I was not enough until I met you. Big problem, what happens when that person moves on or is just not there for whatever reason? It seems people are showing up in relationships harboring a secret intent (or


Poison In The Home

Would you let a stranger into your home and let it stand in the living room doing the following things… Makes you feel scared. Fools you into feeling like you are not enough. Tricks you into feeling you can’t be happy unless you buy things you can’t afford to impress people you’ve never met. Programs you that “feeling” is a bad thing and needs to be drugged. Hypnotizes you into believing the world is not a safe place. Keeps you on edge and in a state of constant nervousness. Shows you millions of images of “beautiful people” and making it


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